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Principles of supply chain construction

by:CNS     2021-07-15
The principles of supply chain construction 2021-06-20 13:13:05 Guangzhou Logistics should follow some basic principles in the design process of the supply chain to ensure that the design and reconstruction of the supply chain can meet the implementation and implementation of supply chain management ideas Claim. 1. The principle of combining bottom-up summary and top-down decomposition There are two design methods in the supply chain system modeling design method, namely, top-down and bottom-up methods. The top-down method is the method from the global to the local, and the bottom-up method is the method from the local to the global. Top-down is the process of system decomposition, and bottom-up is the process of integration. When designing a supply chain system, the high-level executives often make strategic plans and decisions based on the information collected by the lower-level departments. The basis for planning and decision-making comes from market demand and enterprise development plans, and then the lower-level departments implement the decisions. The design of the supply chain is a combination of bottom-up and top-down. 2. Principle of Simplicity Simplicity is an important principle of the supply chain. In order to enable the supply chain to have the ability to respond flexibly and quickly to the market, each node of the supply chain should be simple, dynamic, and achievable. Quick combination of business processes. For example, the selection of suppliers should be based on the principle of fewer but precise, through the establishment of strategic partnerships with a small number of suppliers, reduce procurement costs, and promote the implementation of JIT procurement law and on-time production. The design of the production system should be guided by lean principles, and strive to achieve the goal from lean manufacturing mode to lean supply chain. 3. The principle of collection and optimization The selection of each node of the supply chain should follow the principle of strong-one-strong combination to achieve the purpose of complementing resources. Each supply chain company only concentrates on its core business process, just like an independent manufacturing unit. These so-called unitized companies have the characteristics of self-organization, self-optimization, goal-oriented, dynamic operation and full of vitality. Realize the rapid reorganization of supply chain business. 4. Coordination principle The performance of supply chain depends on whether the relationship of supply chain partners is harmonious. Therefore, the establishment of a cooperative enterprise relationship model of strategic partnership is the guarantee for achieving the best performance of the supply chain. Harmony is to describe whether the system has formed to give full play to the initiative and creativity of system members and subsystems and the overall coordination between the system and the environment. Only a harmonious and coordinated system can exert its best performance. 5. The principle of dynamic (uncertainty) Uncertainty can be seen everywhere in the supply chain. Due to the existence of uncertainty, the demand information is distorted. Therefore, it is necessary to foresee the impact of various uncertain factors on the operation of the supply chain, reduce information delay and distortion in the process of information transmission, increase transparency, reduce unnecessary intermediate links, and improve the accuracy and timeliness of forecasting. The impact is extremely important. 6. Innovative principle Innovative design is an important principle of system design. Without innovative thinking, there can be no new management mode. Therefore, in the process of supply chain design, innovation is a very important principle. To produce an innovative system for logistics from Guangzhou to Jinzhong, it must dare to break all kinds of outdated thinking frames, examine the original management model and system with a new angle and new vision, and carry out bold and innovative designs. There are a few points to pay attention to when carrying out innovative design: first, innovation must be carried out under the guidance of the overall goals and strategy of the company, and consistent with the strategic goals; second, from the perspective of market demand, comprehensive use of the capabilities and advantages of the company; third, Give full play to the creativity of all kinds of personnel in the company, brainstorm ideas, and collaborate with other companies to give full play to the overall advantages of the supply chain; the fourth is to establish a scientific supply chain and project evaluation system and organization management system to conduct scientific and technological economic analysis and feasibility demonstration. 7. Strategic principles The modeling of supply chain should have a strategic perspective, and reduce the impact of uncertainty through strategic considerations. The strategic principles of supply chain modeling are also reflected in the long-term planning and foreseeability of supply chain development. The development of the system structure of the supply chain should be consistent with the strategic planning of the enterprise and be carried out under the guidance of the enterprise strategy.
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