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Prospects for Railway Logistics Development

by:CNS     2021-07-04
Railway logistics development outlook 2021-06-20 12:49:37 In the foreseeable time, the development of railway logistics will surely overcome the shortcomings of the system and capabilities, and achieve greater development with the deepening of the market economy. 1. The social responsibility of railway logistics is more difficult. With the continuous and rapid growth of my country's economy, domestic oil demand has also grown steadily. Since the second half of 2007, international crude oil prices have continued to soar, which has brought greater impact to various industries in the national economy. Among them, the transportation industry, especially road freight, has been hit harder. In order to absorb the increase in the cost of road transportation caused by rising oil prices, most domestic road transportation companies will increase transportation costs by about 10%. This measure has caused most logistics companies to reduce freight volumes and profits, and companies are facing tremendous pressure. As an important pillar of national economic operation, railway logistics is relatively less affected by rising oil prices due to its technical and economic advantages. Therefore, in the case of rising oil prices and the gradual increase of domestic road transportation costs, railway logistics is urgently needed to provide sufficient transportation capacity guarantee for social transportation needs, so as to ensure the healthy development of the national economy. 2. Railway transportation capacity will be further released. According to the railway development plan, the goal of railway development in the 'Twelfth Five-Year Plan' is: by 2015, the national railway operating mileage will reach 120,000 kilometers, of which the western railway will be about 50,000 kilometers, with double-track and electrification rates respectively Reaching around 50% and 60%, a convenient, safe, economical, efficient, and stunning railway transportation network will be initially formed, which basically meets the needs of economic and social development. The construction of high-speed railways will fundamentally change the current situation of high-density mixed passenger and cargo running on existing lines and the transportation capacity cannot be greatly improved. It can quickly expand my country's railway logistics capacity, improve the level of technical equipment, and form convenient transportation, smooth and efficient transportation. Railway logistics network. 3. Customer service level will be greatly improved. Railway logistics is a comprehensive service industry, and it has been pursuing continuous improvement of customer service level. At present, my country's railway logistics service is still in a relatively traditional mode, mostly in a state of pure transportation. Traditional customer service methods and service levels are difficult to meet the requirements of modern customers. With the continuous advancement of the harmonious railway development strategy and the gradual implementation of the railway’s “Twelfth Five-Year Plan”, the implementation of passenger and freight separation on the main trunk lines, the railway transportation capacity will be greatly released, and a corresponding level of customer service will be required to meet the needs of customers. The needs of diversified levels. In order to meet the objective requirements and development trends of improving service quality, the railway system will establish a network system that provides marketing and after-sales services, separate freight and transportation, and realize the fundamental transformation of railway logistics service methods for passengers and passengers. Shippers provide more convenient services. Through the service work of the freight center and the change of transportation organization, it is possible to gradually realize on-demand transportation, realize 'door-to-door' service, standardized and transparent 'Buy it allAt the same time, it is convenient for the public to obtain railway passenger and freight information, improve the relationship between railway logistics enterprises and customers, and the service level of railway customers will be greatly improved.
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