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Reasonably plan the storage location of goods

by:CNS     2021-07-14
Reasonably plan the storage location of the goods 2021-06-20 13:34:44 In order to improve the operational efficiency of the warehouse, after planning the storage area of u200bu200bthe warehouse, the Guangzhou logistics company must determine the specific location for it according to the characteristics of the stored goods. The method of arranging the storage location of goods can be summarized as vertical and inclined. 1. Vertical layout The vertical layout refers to the layout where the stacks or shelves are arranged perpendicular to or parallel to the side walls of the warehouse. Specifically include: (l) Horizontal layout, which means that the length of the stack or shelf is perpendicular to the side wall of the warehouse. Its main advantages are that the main aisle is long and wide, and the auxiliary aisle is short, neat and beautiful, easy to access and check points. Warehouse materials are also conducive to ventilation and lighting; (2) Tandem layout means that the length of the stack or shelf is parallel to the side wall of the warehouse. The advantage is mainly that it can be based on the different stock materials in the warehouse and the frequency of in and out. Arrange the cargo space. The materials with short storage time and frequent entry and exit are placed on both sides of the main aisle, and the materials with long storage time and infrequent entry and exit are placed on the inner side; (3) The vertical and horizontal layout refers to the same storage place. Both the horizontal layout and the vertical layout are combined, and the advantages of the two layouts are comprehensively utilized. 2. Inclined layout Inclined layout means that the stacks or shelves form a certain angle with the side wall of the warehouse or the main aisle. Specifically, it includes: (1) The inclined stack layout is a deformation of the horizontal layout. It is a layout used to facilitate forklift operations, reduce the rotation angle of the forklift, and improve operation efficiency; (2) The inclined layout of the aisle is Refers to the warehouse passage diagonally across the storage area, dividing the warehouse into storage areas with different operating characteristics (such as large storage and small storage) for comprehensive utilization. Under this type of layout, the form of the warehouse is complex, and there are many cargo locations and routes to and from the warehouse. According to the storage location of the goods, it is necessary to pay attention to the storage quota of the goods, the frequency of the warehouse, the storage requirements, the fire protection measures, and the classification catalog according to the storage principle of the warehouse management. The actual storage work has formed some easy-to-remember sayings, such as big and small, slow and urgent, focus on the near and light on the far, and similar groups.
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