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Restrictions that should be paid attention to in international air freight logistics.

by:CNS     2021-07-14
Restrictions that should be paid attention to in international air freight logistics. 2021-05-25 14:01 International air transport, logistics, cargo, should pay attention to, of, restrictions,. With the development of science and technology, the efficiency of air transportation has become higher and higher, and the price has become more and more affordable. With the advent of the Internet era, the necessity of air transportation has gradually become prominent under today's increasing real-time demand. In the large international trade market, air transportation is undoubtedly indispensable.  How to choose the cargo suitable for air transportation?   Each kind of cargo has many characteristics. These characteristics and the actual needs of the cargo owner will determine how to transport the cargo. Next, Bian Xiao will distinguish whether a piece of cargo is suitable for air transport from several perspectives:    Size and weight restrictions: Unlike a cargo ship with a capacity of 10,000 tons, the loading space and loading space of the aircraft need to be carefully calculated, and the loading space cannot be overweight at the same time. To meet the profit needs of airlines. Like the commonly used shipping containers, airplanes also have a variety of plates of different specifications. The goods are placed on the plates according to certain rules, which is convenient for consignment. According to different models, airplanes can be divided into small airplanes, large airplanes, and wide-body airplanes. Take the wide-body airplane B747-400 introduced last time as an example, the size of the low board is limited to 3X2.3X1.6 (meters), which exceeds this size. Goods cannot be boarded; high board with board weight limit is 200KGS, and it is difficult to board overweight cargo. At the same time, for the safety of the aircraft, airlines will counterweight the aircraft to ensure the safety of the aircraft, which will also affect the departure of the cargo.  2. Safety restrictions: The cost of aircraft and the characteristics of air transportation determine that it needs to pay more attention to the safety of travel. Therefore, there will be stricter requirements on the safety of air transport cargo. According to different regulations of airlines, their aircraft will refuse to transport some dangerous goods, such as lithium batteries, chemicals, liquids, powders, etc. Therefore, if the owner's goods are the above-mentioned goods, they need to carefully check whether the corresponding flight accepts such goods, so as not to delay the transportation of the goods.  3. Transportation time: Such cumbersome restrictions and high freight rates are not without return. The speed much faster than sea transportation is an irreplaceable advantage of air transportation. Ocean freighters will be filled with a lot of cargo at a time, but the long voyage and slow speed determine that each shipment of it needs to be timed on a monthly basis. Moreover, the huge cargo brought by a full load is often unable to be loaded and unloaded in one port, so the choice of freighters is usually to sail along the coastline, and each port trades once, so the delay time is more difficult to calculate. Air freight is completely different. Each flight is usually direct, and even if there is no direct, there are only 1-2 transfer points at most. The flight speed is much faster than sailing. The result of all this is that the efficiency of international air transportation is quite high, and the entire transportation process can be completed within 10 days under normal circumstances. In this era when the plan cannot keep up with the changes, the goods may have freshness and need to be delivered as soon as possible, and the owner may have special needs. In this case, shipping is powerless.
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