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Road transport

by:CNS     2021-07-15
Road transportation means 2021-06-20 17:40:28 The car has an independent prime mover and can drive by itself. It is a land transportation means that does not rely on track operation and is the core of road transportation means. There are many types of cars used in the logistics field, and the main types are as follows: 1. Ordinary trucks are divided into light trucks, medium trucks and heavy trucks according to the difference in load capacity; according to whether there are carriages, they are divided into flat cars, standard baffle cars and high gears. Dock. (1) Light trucks. The deadweight tonnage is below 2t, and most of them are low-cargo platforms, which are more convenient for manual loading and unloading. They are mainly used for city transportation, collection, distribution and home delivery transportation. (2) Medium trucks. The deadweight tonnage is between 2 and 8t, which is mainly used for intra-city transportation. In our country, it is often used for transportation between cities and cities and between cities and villages. (3) Heavy trucks. The deadweight tonnage is above 8t, usually a high cargo platform, which is mainly used for long-distance trunk transportation. 2. Vans Vans have cargo compartments, rainproof, isolation and other functions. They have good safety performance and can prevent goods from being lost and stolen. However, due to their heavier weight, the proportion of invalid transportation is relatively high. The main types are: (1) According to the height of the cargo compartment, it is divided into high cargo compartment and low cargo compartment. The base of the high-cargo compartment is flat, although it is not suitable for manual loading and unloading, there is no obstacle to stacking on the car; the cargo platform of the low-cargo compartment has a bump at the wheel position, which affects the loading. (2) According to the door opening method, it is divided into back door type, side door type, two side door type, side back door type, top opening type and wing type. The rear door type is suitable for loading and unloading at the rear, which is convenient for loading and unloading of trolleys and other people. The truck and cargo are close to the platform, and the platform position is short, which is conducive to the loading and unloading of multiple vehicles; the side door type is suitable for side forklift loading and unloading, and the side of the truck is close to the platform. It occupies a longer platform length; the top-opening type is suitable for crane loading and unloading; the wing type is suitable for loading and unloading on both sides at the same time. 3. Special vehicles Special vehicles are suitable for transporting a certain kind of goods with low efficiency in ordinary trucks or vans. The versatility of this kind of vehicle is poor, and it can only be shipped one way, and the transportation cost is high. It mainly includes trucks, cement trucks, oil tank trucks, sprinklers, concrete mixer trucks and refrigerated meat trucks. 4. Dump truck This kind of vehicle strives to organically integrate transportation and loading and unloading. In the absence of good loading and unloading equipment, it relies on the attached equipment of the vehicle itself to carry out loading and unloading operations. For example, dump trucks, truck cranes, trailer trucks with lifting plates at the tail, etc. 5. Tractors and trailers. Tractors are also called trailers, which are specially used to tow and tow trailers. There are two types of tractors: full-trailer and semi-trailer. The trailer itself is not driven by an engine, but is towed by a tractor or other vehicle through a rod-type or frame-type towing device; a trailer can only be combined with a tractor or other vehicles to form a car or train to form a complete means of transportation. Trailers include full trailers, semi-trailers, axle trailers and heavy-duty trailers. The semi-trailer is used together with the semi-trailer tractor, and part of its mass is borne by the chassis of the tractor; the full trailer is towed by a full-trailer tractor or a general car; the axle trailer is a single-axle vehicle that is dedicated to transporting long vehicles. Large cargo; Heavy-duty trailer is a large-load trailer, which can be a full trailer or a semi-trailer. It is specially used to transport bulky and extra-large cargo, and its cargo capacity can reach 300t. Because the trailer has simple structure, convenient maintenance, and low weight, the use of the trailer during transportation can improve the efficiency of transportation.
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