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russia finds missing cargo ship

by:CNS     2019-11-19
A Russian-
Since last month\'s suspected hijacking in the Baltic Sea, a crew ship has been missing and has been spotted by a Russian warship off the coast of West Africa.
Serdyukov said that the Arctic Ocean is 483 kilometers from the Cape Verde Islands in the Atlantic Ocean. In the past 10 days of intensive search efforts, there has been a rare coordination between Russia and NATO.
\"The crew has been transferred to our counter.
At a conference broadcast on Russian state television, Serdyukov told President Dmitry Medvedev.
All Russian crew members are \"alive, in good health and without armed guards,\" he said \".
\"However, Serdyukov did not mention the current whereabouts of the Arctic Ocean itself and his statement did not clarify the mystery of what happened in Malta in recent weeks --
The hijacked Russian freighter has been marked.
\"Debriefing is currently underway to clarify all aspects of the disappearance and loss of vessel signals,\" Serdyukov said . \".
\"In the next few hours we will explain what happened to it, why it lost communication with it, and why it changed the itinerary.
He called for a full investigation of the mysterious events in the Arctic waters and vowed to inform \"all interested parties\" of the findings.
Serdyukov said the crew of the Arctic Ocean was hijacked by Russian submarine hunter Ladny.
He did not immediately provide further details of the operation that led to the crew being taken to Russian warships. The 3,988-tonne Russian-
On July 23, a self-owned freighter sailed from Finland, carrying 15 crew members and a shipment of sawn timber estimated to be worth £ 1.
16 million euros.
However, shortly thereafter, due to reports of multiple pirate hijackings, all contact with the ship was lost
Guess the ship is carrying a secret illegal cargo.
On Sunday, Finnish authorities denied claims that nuclear materials were contained in Arctic waters.
Jukka Laaksonen, director of the Finnish Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority, said that before the ship began sailing, firefighters conducted radiation tests on the ship at a port in Finland.
It was reported last week that the ship was found off the coast of Cape Verde and a Portuguese plane flew over the ship.
But the Portuguese did not confirm the news, and the Russian ambassador to Cape Verde said he had not yet been formally informed of the ship\'s whereabouts.
Over the weekend, Russia and NATO are coordinating efforts to share information and look for the ship, indicating the cold relationship between the two countries.
Russia\'s special envoy to NATO says NATO headquarters is sending messages to Moscow.
Meanwhile, Malta authorities declined to comment on Monday after Moscow announced the matter.
Officials in Malta said Sunday they were conducting a criminal investigation into alleged extortion and hijacking of Russian cargo ships.
Due to the \"general features of severe extortion and significant threats related to life and health\", the investigation has begun but has not been elaborated, said a Malta Maritime spokesman.
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