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The air transport industry is as the world economy and rapid development

by:CNS     2020-07-30
The air transport industry is along with the development of world economy and the rapid Shanghai air freight and the development of the society, economic development is inseparable, air express development promote the communication and development of the global economy and civilization, promotes the circulation of commodities and the increase of economic output, to promote the advance of human civilization. The development of the it, the led manufacturing industry, shipping industry, the development of tourism industry, service industry and many other areas of the economy. Modern air express is one of the social life and economic life important component, is now one of the fastest growing industry. Shanghai air power structure gradually tilted to consumers in the market, under the trend of grasp the customer resources, face to face with customer demand terminal network is the most valuable and the most difficult to be replaced. Along with the economic and social development, simple transportation as the main function of the traditional aviation logistics services have been unable to meet customer demand, to development of aviation logistics in our country, it is necessary to develop the integration of aviation logistics, air transport in support of the importance of reverse logistics will increase. Shanghai by air is the aviation activities of human beings in the first place in the military field and before to civilian use. The master of modern war of air is to obtain the active status of the most important factors in war. So many countries in law provisions, the fleet of air transport enterprises have and related personnel in the national economic construction service at ordinary times, as a military reserve forces, during the war, or a state of emergency, can be in accordance with legal procedures by the national civil aviation, the requisition in the service of military requirements. Shanghai air freight company | Shanghai airlines cargo international air | | Shanghai air freight company | | air express ( )
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