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The composition of the aviation logistics industry

by:CNS     2021-07-09
The composition of the aviation logistics industry 2021-06-20 08:41:40 The aviation logistics industry is based on the aviation transportation industry as the mainstay, plus other related industries. The aviation logistics industry is mainly composed of the following industries. (1) Air cargo industry. The air cargo industry is an air transportation activity industry in which airplanes are the main means of transportation and cargo (including luggage and special cargo) is the transportation object. The air cargo industry mainly includes international air cargo, domestic air cargo, express and charter flights. At present, with the rapid development of the world economy, the air cargo industry has also passed the development period and entered the growth period. On the one hand, the air transport industry, as a catalyst of the globalization of the world economy, has promoted and accelerated the process of world economic integration; on the other hand, the air cargo industry itself has also emerged a trend of globalization. The basic manifestations of the globalization of the air cargo industry are: management liberalization, market regionalization, and transnational alliances of enterprises. (2) Air express industry. The air express industry mainly uses airplanes as a tool to quickly receive, send, transport, and deliver individually packaged, well-known packages or other items that do not need to be stored, and deliver them to the recipient or designated location within the promised time limit, and receive a signed delivery Service industry. Air express service is divided into domestic mainland air express service business, Hong Kong and Macau air express service, Taiwan air express service and international air express service according to the region where the recipient is located. With the rapid economic development, air express, which is known for its convenience, has become an increasingly indispensable service in people's work and life. (3) Air freight forwarding industry. The air freight forwarding industry is an industry dominated by large-scale and bulk air cargo transportation agency, customs declaration, and transportation. The air consignment industry is an agency that handles all kinds of small-volume, less-than-carload air transportation and air packaging. The air freight forwarding industry and the air consignment industry themselves do not control the source of air cargo or the means of air transportation. Instead, they act as an intermediary to collect cargo from the cargo owner and consign to the air transportation company to charge fees and commissions. Some air consignors specialize in the business of soliciting sporadic air cargo from cargo owners, which are summarized and concentrated into charter air cargo, and then they consign to air transportation companies in the name of the shipper, earning the difference between LTL and charter cargo freight. difference. (4) Air mail industry. The air postal industry is a service industry that mainly uses aircraft as its main business and takes receiving, sending, transporting, and delivering air parcels and air mail as its main business. It plays an important role in promoting national economic and social development and guaranteeing citizens' communication rights. At present, the traditional postal industry actively participates in air express and other businesses, and is transforming into a modern air mail industry that integrates information flow, capital flow and logistics.
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