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The concept of logistics center

by:CNS     2021-07-11
The concept of logistics center 2021-06-20 17:16:24 logistics center (logistics centre), this usage is mostly used in Asia, Europe and the United States are also used but less, they use 'distribution centreThe logistics center is the node of the logistics network and has a series of functions of the logistics network node. Grasping the meaning, type, function and status of logistics centers is the basis for carrying out logistics activities based on logistics facilities at different levels and guiding logistics operations and management. According to the national standard 'Logistics TerminologyHigh-volume; strong storage throughput; unified management of logistics business.' The term logistics center is frequently used in the systemization of logistics at different levels in government departments, many industries, and enterprises, and people in different departments, industries, and enterprises understand it. They are not consistent. In summary, the understanding of the logistics center can be summarized into the following expressions: (1) The logistics center is based on the requirements of the national economic system, and is built on the basis of the city, and is integrated with the storage, transportation, packaging, loading and unloading of goods. The logistics business infrastructure. This kind of logistics center is usually operated by a group organization and is generally called a social logistics center. (2) The logistics center is a cargo distribution center set up under the social logistics center in order to realize the systemization and efficiency of logistics. This kind of logistics center accepts a large number of various types of goods from suppliers, performs classification, packaging, storage, circulation processing, and information processing, and completes operations such as distribution and delivery according to the requirements of many users. (3) The logistics center is a larger logistics base that organizes, connects, regulates, and manages logistics activities. Since there are many types of logistics bases, most of them can be regarded as the basis of warehouses, which provide extended services in various logistics links. In order to differentiate from the traditional static management warehouse concept, Guangzhou Freight Company called the new logistics base involving dynamic logistics management as a logistics center. In this sense, there are more logistics centers and a wider distribution. (4) The logistics center is a cargo distribution center established to operate social logistics business based on the transportation hub. Since the freight hub is a networked operation system constituted by some freight stations, it is actually a node of the social logistics network. When they have the logistics of ordering, consulting, picking up, packaging, warehousing, loading and unloading, transit, stowage, delivery, etc. The service infrastructure, mobile equipment, communication equipment, control equipment, as well as the corresponding organizational structure and operation mode, have the conditions to become a logistics center. This type of logistics center is also an important part of building a regional logistics system. (5) The international logistics center refers to a large-scale distribution center established to operate open goods storage, packaging, loading and unloading, transportation and other logistics operations based on international freight hubs (such as international ports). The international logistics center must achieve the organic unification of logistics, business flow, and information flow. The rapid development of contemporary electronic information technology can provide important technical support for the organic unification of the 'third-rate' of the international logistics center, which can greatly reduce the number of documents and document processing costs, and improve the efficiency of the 'third-rate'. In summary, in a more general sense, logistics Shenxin can be understood as a logistics that is in a hub or an important position, has a relatively complete logistics link, and can realize integrated operation of logistics collection and distribution, information and control functions. stronghold. It is more theoretical and practical to examine the concept of logistics center in a logistics system or a logistics network system. The logistics system is divided into several levels. According to the different objects, scope, requirements and operation subjects of the logistics system, it is applied. The focus of the concept is also different. In addition, social, economic, geographic, institutional and other factors may have an impact on the organizational design, establishment and operation of the logistics center. Therefore, it is necessary to further analyze the logistics center. 2187
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