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The concept, task and classification of warehousing

by:CNS     2021-07-17
The concept, tasks and classification of warehousing 2021-06-20 18:16:07 (1) The concept of warehousing The so-called warehousing refers to the process of providing storage places for tangible items and managing, accessing and controlling the stored items. 'Warehouse' refers to a warehouse, which is a specific place with the functions of storing and protecting items; 'Storage' means collection for various uses, including collection, storage, and delivery. 'Warehousing' also refers to the act of using warehouses to store and store items that are not in immediate use. From the perspective of the logistics system concept, the logistics line from Guangzhou to Heze is one of its basic elements, and warehousing undertakes the storage function of the logistics system. Through the preservation and maintenance of the stored goods, the difference in time between production and consumption of products can be overcome, and the time utility of materials can be created to ensure the smooth progress of circulation and production. At the same time, during the storage period, the stored commodities can be inspected, sorted, classified, stored, maintained, and processed, and then various operations such as collection and distribution, conversion of transportation methods can be carried out, and a certain place utility and processing value can be created. Therefore, qualitatively speaking, as a form and main link of logistics, warehousing is a continuous process of material product production, and it also creates product value. (2) Warehousing tasks The basic functions of warehousing materials storage determine that the basic tasks of warehousing are storage and storage, storage period control, quantity management, and quality maintenance; at the same time, the use of materials in the storage, development and development of various services is to improve Warehousing value-added, promoting material circulation, and effective means to improve social resource efficiency are also important tasks of warehousing. (3) The classification of warehousing Although the essence of warehousing is to store and keep items, different warehousing activities have different characteristics due to differences in business entities, business methods, warehousing objects, warehousing handling methods, and warehousing functions. Correctly dividing the types of storage is conducive to correctly understanding the tasks of storage and doing a good job in storage management. The following focuses on categorizing warehousing from two aspects: warehousing functions and warehousing handling methods. 1. Classified by storage function (1) Storage and storage. It refers to the storage of materials for a long time. Due to the long storage time of materials in the logistics line from Guangzhou to Laiwu, low storage costs are necessary. Storage and warehousing are generally carried out in more remote areas. The materials stored in storage are relatively single, with few varieties, but large stocks. Due to the long storage period of materials, storage and warehousing pay special attention to the quality of materials. (2) Distribution and warehousing. Also known as distribution center warehousing, it is a short-term warehousing of goods before delivery and delivery to consumers. It is the final storage of goods before consumption or production and use, and the pre-processing of sales or use in this link. Distribution and warehousing are generally carried out within the consumption economic zone of commodities, which can be quickly delivered to consumption and sales. There are many kinds of goods in distribution and storage, and the batch is small. It requires a certain amount of purchase and a small amount of batches out of the warehouse. It often requires unpacking, sorting, and assembly operations. The main purpose is to support sales and pay attention to the control of the inventory of items. (3) Transportation and storage. In order to ensure the efficient connection of different modes of transportation and reduce the loading and unloading and stay time of transportation vehicles, storage at the junction of different modes of transportation, such as storage in ports, station depots and other places. Transportation conversion warehousing has the characteristics of large in and large out, and the storage period of goods is short. It pays attention to the efficiency and turnover rate of goods turnover. 2. Classified according to the handling method of the storage (1) Custody storage. Also known as pure warehousing, it is a warehousing carried out in a way that the stored goods remain unchanged - that is, the depositor hands the specific items to the custodian for safekeeping, and the custodian returns the original goods to the depositor at the expiration date. Except for the natural loss and natural reduction, the quantity, quality and number of pieces will not change. (2) Processing storage. The storage method in which the custodian performs certain processing on the storage items according to the requirements of the custodian during the storage period. During the period of storage, the custodian processes the appearance, shape, composition, dimensions, etc. of the storage according to the request of the client, so that the storage will change as the client wants. (3) Consumer warehousing. The custodian accepts the ownership of the stored goods at the same time after accepting the stored goods. The custodian has the right to exercise ownership of the stored goods during the storage period. The Guangzhou-Yantai logistics line expires at the end of the storage period, and the custodian will substitute the same type, variety and quantity Return to the warehousing carried out by the consignor. Consumer warehousing is particularly suitable for long-term storage of commodities with a short storage period and large changes in market supply. It has certain commodity value preservation and value-added functions. It is a value-added activity for warehousing operators to use warehousing to carry out operations. It has become an important part of warehousing operations. Direction of development. 1048
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