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The delivery cargo shipping company management is how to achieve safe responsibility, have it both ways

by:CNS     2020-07-11
The delivery cargo shipping company management is how to achieve safe responsibility, both the international air transport can be the shipper's agent, be responsible for air cargo transportation booking, at the departing airport and arrive at the airport, pick up the goods and the import customs clearance, also can be the agent of airline, for receiving and with the identity of the carrier to issue the air waybill, responsible for the entire carriage, or both. Shanghai air freight company with import and export goods, need a certain formalities, such as export goods in the same origin to the airport freight between airlines, receiving, booking, documents making, customs declaration and shipment, etc. ; Import goods at the destination airport pick up the goods from airlines orders, documents making, customs declaration, delivery or transfer, etc. Some airlines of this kind of business are not be responsible for, and by the specialized to undertake air freight forwarding company responsible for such business. Air express on the air transport industry, ACTS as the airline agent. In the international air transport association (iata) through air cargo, for the purpose of the rules, it is designated as agent of the international association for the air. On this relationship, it USES the means of aviation freight forwarding service for the owner, and paid commissions by the airline. At the same time, as a freight forwarder, degree of it by providing suitable for air freight service, continue to service for the shipper or consignee.
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