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The destination port container delivery must be alert to 5 kinds of charge ( On) Cruise international logistics

by:CNS     2020-12-17
2018 - 07 - 06 11:24:00 1 container crane fee when the container is out of the ground, placed in the trailer frame needed to transship to highway or railway, can produce container fee second. As a shipper, when operating your container if you need to use additional container handling, then you may be charged an extra or two hanging. For example, if the container away from the train when you have no existing towing bracket, that can only be on the ground until a towing bracket can drag ark. So, may produce because of the need to lifting container from the ground to the cost of towing bracket, we call it the container flip fee, two container fee. 2 towing bracket for towing bracket is for container truck designed to ground transportation of container equipment. Is pulling the head/towing bracket & throughout; An integral part of, is very important for road transport vehicles. Towing bracket before the fee is still a lot of troubles of the shipper, because in the north American market, has been the ship towing bracket from the company. But starting in 2009, maersk announced no longer provide towing bracket to numerous areas in the United States, forcing many to tow the car will be appointed from the terminal or the train yard of towing bracket to buy or rent frame in the field. Other owners have also follow maersk, therefore, the car will also have to use this frame in additional costs, 15 - $30 per day) Transferred to the shipper.
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