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The development of the railway itself urgently needs to speed up the construction of a railway modern logistics center

by:CNS     2021-07-04
The development of the railway itself urgently needs to speed up the construction of a modern railway logistics center 2021-06-20 18:41:24 With the intensification of competition among various modes of transportation, the current railways are still playing a limited role in the backbone of my country's logistics system due to the limitation of transportation capacity. And there is still a gap between its service level and ability and the diversified and personalized logistics needs of customers. In the face of the current good situation in which the separation of passenger and freight lines is about to be realized and the transportation capacity will be greatly released, the modern railway logistics center has become an effective carrier to realize the transformation of railway freight transportation from internal production to external marketing. Its construction and development are conducive to further development. Promote the rapid release of railway transportation capacity and improve the level of railway logistics service and brand image, especially conducive to strengthening the comparative advantage when competing with other modes of transportation, and further improving the railway logistics service network. (1) The competition between railways and other modes of transportation needs to speed up the construction of railway logistics centers. The changing trend of China's cargo transportation market is currently tilting from the overall balance of supply and demand to oversupply. In some market segments, there has been an oversupply, which has led to various The mode of transportation is fiercely competitive for the supply of goods. Railway is the main undertaker of bulk cargo logistics such as raw materials and primary products. Due to multiple impacts such as limited output or demand slowdown or change in demand mode, the increase in logistics volume of this kind of goods has gradually slowed down. In order to ensure the competitive advantage of railway in the transportation system, logistics from Guangzhou to Xilinguole should expand the transportation of white goods with high added value to adapt to the changes brought about by the adjustment of economic structure, industrial structure and product structure. At the same time, railway competitors have entered the field of logistics services one after another, and have successively promoted innovative logistics strategies. China's three major shipping companies have all begun to transform from the role of a pure carrier to intensive logistics services, reorganizing organizations, transforming business processes, and upgrading information systems. In recent years, airlines, especially those with cargo business, have also carried out ground distribution and logistics services, and are developing in the direction of air-ground integration. Successful road transport companies have already realized 'door-to-door' transportation and provided various logistics value-added services. In the face of such fierce competition, the railway must accelerate the construction of a modern logistics center, extend the services at both ends of the railway transportation, grasp the trend of changes in the demand of modern logistics with multiple varieties, small batches, and multiple frequencies, develop ideas, strengthen marketing, and pay attention to improving logistics services. Level, continue to meet the diversified and personalized needs of cargo owners, attract more sources of goods, and enhance the competitiveness of railways in the national transportation market. (2) The continuous improvement of the railway network layout requires speeding up the construction of railway logistics centers. For a long time, my country's railway network layout has been showing an unreasonable situation, especially in the vast western regions, where the transportation network is sparse and the transportation capacity is seriously insufficient. Poor communication skills. For this reason, the 'Medium and Long-term Railway Network Planning' proposes that before 2020, with the western region as the focus, a number of new lines will be built to improve the layout of the road network and develop new lines in the western region to comprehensively improve the adaptability to regional economic development. While accelerating the construction of new lines such as the Qinghai-Tibet Railway, the western region has concentrated on strengthening the construction of the passage between the east and the west, forming a number of convenient and efficient passages from the northwest to north and east China, southwest to central and south and east China, forming a road network skeleton , To meet the needs of passenger and cargo exchanges between the east and the west. A number of necessary connecting lines will be built in the eastern and central regions to enhance the flexibility of railway transportation. In addition, the railway has vigorously implemented passenger and freight separation and accelerated the development of heavy-duty transportation. The number of trains and the speed of railway freight trains have gradually increased, and the dilemma of insufficient passing capacity of railway sections has been gradually improved. In order to achieve the improvement of the comprehensive strength of the railway logistics system, the logistics nodes should also develop rapidly in line with the continuous improvement of the road network facilities, so that the railway point-line capacity can develop in a coordinated manner, and the system can improve the transportation capacity, transportation quality and transportation efficiency. Play the overall role of the road network. Therefore, the continuous improvement of the railway network layout needs to speed up the construction of railway logistics centers.
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