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The elevator shipping export types classified according to what goods?

by:CNS     2020-04-05
The elevator is a kind of vertical elevator driven by motor, equipped with a box shape pod, used in multistory buildings by people or carrying goods. Due to involving the safety of life, and the risk bigger, belongs to the category of special equipment. The recent long sail international logistics pick says there ( In the open sea freight) Notice, for the elevator class goods need according to the dangerous when pick up the goods, to meet the following requirements. Please have the needs of customers special attention! For the ELEVATOR, The elevator) According to the dangerous shipment, please provide: 1, issued by professional appraisal institution authorized by the ship company shipping and grant the certified products. 2, by the ELEVATOR ( The elevator) The latent guarantee issued by the customer: marked with grant provided by the shipping shown consistent in both Chinese and English name, product description, and number of the grant. Prove that shipment of goods, spare parts is dangerous goods, confirm the shipment of maritime transport of goods do not contain any harmful ingredients and components, such as found the shipment of goods in the process of the carrier or the port of destination, spare parts belong to the dangerous goods are not dangerous goods, shall be borne by the shipper and the client all risks and costs. On the sea and grant the entrust unit or production unit must be shown in not one of the letter of guarantee issued by a party or danger. Not must build on the latent guarantee provided by the entrust unit as shown on shipping and grant the consignor or production units and clarity of the official seal. 3、电梯( The elevator) According to the dangerous shipment, please must provide pictures and packing and binding of whole of a freight to booking space.
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