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The goal of loading and unloading

by:CNS     2021-07-08
The goal of loading, unloading and handling 2021-06-20 08:45:46 In order to realize the rationalization of loading, unloading and handling, under the premise of meeting the requirements of loading and unloading and handling operations, loading and unloading and handling should try to achieve short loading, unloading and handling distances, less time, and high quality , The goal of cost saving. 1. Loading and unloading and handling distance should be short The length of the handling distance is closely related to the size of the handling operation and the efficiency of the handling operation. In loading, unloading and handling operations, it is impossible for goods to be handled without displacement. From the perspective of reasonable handling, the shorter the handling distance, the better. The longer the distance movement, the greater the cost; conversely, the shorter the distance movement, the smaller the cost. Therefore, the shortest possible loading and unloading distance is one of the goals of loading and unloading. The effect is to save labor consumption, shorten the handling time, and reduce the consumption in handling. 2. Less time for loading, unloading, and less time. Less time mainly means that the time from the beginning of loading and unloading to the completion of loading and unloading is less. If in the loading, unloading and handling operations, mechanization and automation are used to shorten the loading and unloading time as much as possible, not only can save costs and improve efficiency, but also increase the logistics speed, activate the overall logistics process, and meet customer needs in a timely manner. Therefore, as little as possible for loading, unloading and handling is another important goal of loading, unloading and handling. 3. The quality of loading, unloading and handling should be of high quality and high. It mainly means that the goods can be loaded and unloaded to the designated location in a safe and timely manner according to the quantity and variety required by the customer. This is one of the main contents of providing customers with high-quality services and ensuring smooth production. An important prerequisite for proceeding. Therefore, the high quality of loading and unloading is the core goal of loading and unloading. 4. The cost of loading and unloading should be saved in the goal of loading and unloading, which requires short loading and unloading distance, less time, high quality, and low cost, which seems difficult to understand. In fact, if the mechanization, automation and logistics modernization of loading and unloading operations are truly realized, it will not only greatly reduce operating personnel, reduce labor costs, but also improve the efficiency of loading and unloading and reduce the cost of loading and unloading, and the cost of loading and unloading will definitely be higher. Significant savings.
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