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The impact of freight forwarding on globalization

by:CNS     2021-07-07
The impact of freight forwarding on globalization 2021-06-20 18:13:21 China's economy is in an era of globalization. As a link and subsystem in the transportation of international trade logistics services, freight forwarding is also deeply affected by globalization. . From Guangzhou to Hefei logistics, to a certain extent, this impact and challenge is more serious than that of WTO. It is mainly manifested in the following aspects: (1) Affecting the redistribution of sources of goods. At present, although China's total import and export volume will increase sharply in absolute terms, most of the increase is due to FOB contract goods within multinational companies; at present, domestic freight forwarders are generally due to The lack of overseas networks has led to the main source of cargo structure being the CIF export prepaid source. Therefore, the proportion of these increased cargo volumes that can really fall into the hands of domestic freight forwarders will not increase compared to before joining the WTO, but is likely to decrease. (2) Forming the driving force of logistics demand One of the characteristics of China’s third-party logistics market is that “two ends are outside” (the demand side and suppliers of logistics are mostly multinational companies). Modern logistics services are used as a substitute for traditional freight services. The difference of the latter is mainly manifested in its function integration and contract-based customer partnership, which leads to huge development potential of logistics services, and its rise and development will weaken the living space of freight forwarders to a certain extent. (3) Horizontal mergers and acquisitions between multinational companies will differentiate the freight forwarding industry and reorganize the logistics industry from Guangzhou to Wuhu. In the long run, these mergers and acquisitions and reorganizations are conducive to standardizing the business order, accelerating industrial concentration, and achieving economies of scale, thereby contributing to the promotion of the industry. The overall development has a positive effect. But in the short term, the excessive concentration of resources, businesses and industries will inevitably bring shocks and challenges to small and medium freight forwarding companies. 1235
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