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The impact of the air transport industry on the economy and society

by:CNS     2021-07-09
The impact of the air transport industry on the economy and society 2021-06-20 17:03:34 Economic operations are always accompanied by the flow of materials, personnel, information, and funds. The flow of materials and personnel is completed by transportation, and the flow of personnel is often accompanied by The flow of capital, information and knowledge, and the flow of materials are also accompanied by the flow of capital, information and even knowledge. Therefore, transportation is the basis of economic operation. The rapid operation of the modern economy requires faster and faster transportation. Therefore, as the fastest mode of transportation, air transportation is becoming more and more popular and has become the transportation mode that people often choose when traveling. The characteristics of economic globalization and informatization rely more on the development of air transport. The more developed the economy of a country or region, the more developed its air transportation system. Compared with other modes of transportation, air transportation promotes inter-regional exchanges at the fastest speed, promotes the realization of more efficient production methods, and provides more employment opportunities. The development of the air transport industry has created conditions for economic development, thus promoting economic development. At the same time, the development of the air transport industry is restricted by the level of economic development. Although the growth of the national economy can bring about faster growth of the air transportation industry, the unsteady operation of the national economy will also bring about large fluctuations in air transportation. The economic crisis will bring about a major landslide in air transportation, so the risk of economic operation will be directly Brings risks to air transport operations. The modern airport is not only an aircraft operation guarantee base, but also has expanded its function as a connection point between land transportation and air transportation, and has become an engine that promotes local economic development. A large modern airport is an aviation city. The construction of bonded areas and aviation logistics parks has made the airport an important trade processing zone. The developed retail and catering industries not only enable tourists to consume more, but also attract a large number of local residents to the airport for shopping and entertainment. The phenomenon of airport economy has aroused people's attention. The development of air transport also has a huge role in promoting social development. The manifestations are as follows: ① Air transportation is not restricted by geography, and can expand and promote inter-regional personnel, information and cultural exchanges. ② The airport is not only a window and gateway to a place, but also can promote the urbanization process of the area around the airport through the construction of the aviation city. ③ Air transportation is fast and convenient, and it saves people's travel time more. People can spend more time to learn and update their knowledge, or to travel and entertainment, to promote the development of the tertiary industry and the optimization of the industrial structure. ④ When major natural disasters occur, road traffic is often damaged. Air transportation will play an important role in disaster relief, such as the transportation of disaster relief materials and injured persons, which is conducive to the development of social welfare. ⑤ The development of air transportation will strengthen the construction of national defense. When the national security is threatened by foreign forces, the army can be quickly mobilized and military materials can be transported. ⑥ The air transportation industry itself provides a broad space for technological innovation in related fields. For example, the air traffic management system integrates a large number of advanced technologies. The upstream aviation manufacturing industry can pull materials, metallurgy, chemical industry, machinery manufacturing, special processing, electronics and information. The development and innovation of other industries.
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