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The international air transport association released the latest financial data report

by:CNS     2020-08-08
The international air transport association released the latest financial data report of the international air transport association ( IATA, hereinafter referred to as & other; The international air transport association & throughout; ) The latest financial data, according to the report in October, global airlines' share prices rising from 4. 2%. Year-to-date, the global airline stocks rose by 6. 4%. European air freight company's share price over the past two months has been rebound, 12 October year-on-year growth. 4%; North American airlines' share prices rose rose by 2. 5%; Although Hong Kong aviation business interruption, but china-us trade negotiations, investors optimistic, airline in the asia-pacific region falling share prices rebound, rising from 3. 8%. Iata director and CEO Alexander & middot; DE & middot; Mr DE juniac, Alexandre de Juniac) Said: & other; At present, the global airline industry is facing many challenges and pressure. Just a few weeks, four European airlines bankruptcy. Trade tensions, reduced global trade volumes. Recently, the international monetary fund will in 2019 GDP growth down to 3. 0%. Such as euro, will be the lowest growth rate since 2009. Facing the current situation, governments should recognize the company to promote the development of economy, create jobs. But many governments, especially European governments instead of the aviation industry as a major source of taxes and fees. This is clearly not sensible, aviation industry is free access. Governments should through the aviation industry to promote GDP growth, rather than taxing and punitive taxes and regulation to hinder the development. ” , according to the results of the third quarter of the sampling survey of passenger transport demand is strong in North America, ebit margin level is still higher than last year. Airlines in Europe and the asia-pacific region, costs less than income, the after-tax net profit compared with the same period last year declined. Although the price of fuel is still within the scope of the airlines can accept, but the capacity of growth in 2020 is expected to pose a challenge to revenues and profitability. Cost of fuel oil demand growth prospects, and Opec and its Allies to consider further production, the price is relatively stable. Brent crude oil prices remain at around $62 a barrel, China aviation oil price to $77 a barrel. Demand growth in September 2019, compared with 3 global air passenger demand. 8%, and August were little changed. Capacity increased by 3. Increased by 0 3%, load factor. By 4% to 81. 9%. Global air cargo demand fell by 4. 5%. Global air freight volume 11 consecutive months of year-on-year declines, is since the global financial crisis in 2008 volumes decline for the duration of the longest one more time. Compared with 2 freight capacity. 1%. Capacity growth has 17 consecutive months more than demand.
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