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The international air transport companies need to actively reform depend on market-oriented factors to survival

by:CNS     2020-08-12
International air freight companies need to actively reform depend on market-oriented factors to survival in order to achieve the goal of high quality growth, international air transport companies need to actively reform, relying on market-oriented factors to survive, the active adoption of high-tech technology to realize resource efficiency, and, more importantly, provide a good environment, increase investment in the industry, promote the growth of high quality, in order to promote the development of the economy as a whole. Continued investment of the construction of the information is the core of the international air freight business development strength. The effective use of information technology makes the management and control further more delicate, transparent, and innovative service mode. Although the China air transport company informatization construction is not balanced, but through the history of information technology to promote the development of business model innovation and fusion of information application innovation. It will be in the future market competition in order to establish the core competitiveness, the air transport informatization, to fully understand the demand of enterprise and customer service, to respond effectively to the new demand, solve the ability to keep development, realize the informationization of vertical integration of supply chain, and through continuous optimization of its own information platform, to build a powerful asset, with the development of the enterprise to provide service for the customer. At the same time, strengthen the support of enterprises bigger and stronger leading enterprises, the development of the integration and building strong engine, develop the market main body to foster industry, accelerate the construction of information platform, speed up the informationalization of the industry, to strengthen the training. We will also actively introduce aviation transportation industry, the planning and construction of different levels of branches, cultivate our own brand, in order to form a reasonable operating network system. We must make a good plan, first of all, the construction of infrastructure, become the powerful leverage park expansion. Construction projects should speed up the process, start construction as soon as possible, and to provide quality and efficient services, to promote the interaction between industry chain extension. In order to improve the overall industrial level, we should pay attention to save the land resources, optimizing the environment, improve the service environment and improve the soft environment, in order to improve the operational efficiency of the air transport. International air freight company has the ability to have integrated management system in terms of status, has the ability to independent innovation pattern and new methods, as well as the necessary service ability. In actual air freight company's operation and management, overall management services provide professional solution is rarely, understanding and support, also not form a great driving force. The depth of the French air transport support remains to be improved, air cargo operations of financial support system is not perfect, etc. Mainly displays in the transformation of mode of air support is closely related to the existing air station.
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