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The international air transport fruit packaging requirements have seafood

by:CNS     2020-08-10
International air transport fruit seafood packaging requirements have any seafood and fruit air transportation is a common mode of transportation. In recent years, with the continuous increase of the goods, seafood inside the aircraft cabin caused more or less damage. Since 2017, including eastern airlines, airlines are very fresh. Real-time transport put forward higher packaging requirements, China Eastern airlines more strictly. Below we introduce seafood the precaution of air transport, as well as the air freight company seafood check in some of the rules. One, under normal circumstances, the international air transport has independent seafood packing. Foam box + carton + is a set of packaging plastic bags. After the outlets for the designated packing, sealing the seafood fruit in foam box, and then into the bag. Carton sealing and packing. If seafood products need to add oxygen, you must use tape sealing bubble chamber. The rules of the China Eastern airlines is to add the cartons outside the bubble chamber. Some goods often leaking, so the airline refused to all the leaking of the goods. 2, for fresh seafood, especially fish, sea urchins, crabs, shrimp and other seafood easy to death, it is necessary to combine the characteristics of product packaging, such as fish using a dedicated fish bags, sea urchins, compact set to trim, crabs bubble chamber should be paid attention to, in order to prevent the crab legs through packing and so on. All in all, fresh seafood must go through strict sealing after various supplementary methods, otherwise will be a loss. Thirdly, the seafood nutrition value, the highest nutritional value and the best preservation must be fresh and fresh seafood. Fresh seafood is also the most original taste and flavor and delicious. The second is frozen and chilled seafood. It mainly at low temperature freezing fresh seafood, and lock the original nutrients and freshness of seafood. After long time of cold storage, however, the nutrition still will disappear. And then the dried seafood. We are often referred to as & other; Dry goods & throughout; 。 Usually, the ocean after a long dry and packaging. This kind of food is likely to change its original taste and flavor, but seafood nutrition itself still exist. And one more thing to notice is received by the other party, before the goods, seafood will have all kinds of risks, mainly reflected in the loading and unloading cycle time and cycle. Loading and unloading the greatest risk. Due to the rough work of weak or loader packing, packing will burst and leakage or even damage. Therefore, close and strong packing is essential; Link is mainly refers to the time from packages to the other side of the receipt. During this period, this period of time is much higher than air transport time, it is necessary to take the time to consider to choose measures to improve the survival rate of seafood.
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