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The international civil aviation organization to explore the development of air cargo

by:CNS     2020-08-14
International civil aviation organization to air cargo development discussed in this paper, the global airline transport 50 million tons of cargo and mail each year, and more than a third of the world trade are directly dependent on the air transport. However, in recent years, the development of air cargo faces severe challenges. Since the 2008 financial crisis, the global air freight has been negative for five consecutive years, until 2013. The study found that under a variety of modes of transportation, air cargo market share in the global freight from three in 2000. Fell to 1% in 2013 to 1. 7%. What are the opportunities and challenges facing air cargo development? How to make use of regional and multilateral channels for liberalization of air cargo cooperation basis? How to meet the challenges of security in the carriage of goods by air freight carriers, promote the circulation of air cargo in the supply chain? In early September at the first session of the international civil aviation organization air cargo development on the BBS. Open: build new rules for air freight representative from around the world held in-depth discussions on these issues, and called for opening wider to the outside, to strengthen cooperation and opportunities, to further promote the development of air cargo. Opening wider to the outside is an important problem facing the international air freight. “ International aviation the goal now is to sign a air freight liberalisation agreements. ” The international air cargo association director, Russian volga - Dnepr group vice President, said Mr Zubkov. Facilitate international air cargo freight liberalisation agreement to establish a new set of global standards, is the international air freight the consensus of all parties. Experience has shown that liberalisation means more air freight and passenger traffic. This can increase the value of the goods and bring economic benefits for different industries and departments. International airport association director-general Angela & middot; Giddens ( 安琪拉吉登斯) Said, after the implementation of liberalization agreement in North America, passenger traffic grew by 12% to 35%, in some places even rose by 50% to 100%. Because the cargo transport of air cargo and passenger plane accounted for about half of the goods, so the prosperity of passenger can also bring the increase of the freight. For Asia Pacific aviation association director general Andrew & middot; Herdman ( 安德鲁牧人) Said the aviation industry is a limited market access. Owing to the different influence of national regulators. Aviation industry urgently need to be coordinated global standards. He said: & other; At present, the global regulatory system dominated by Europe and the United States. This reflects a few decades ago. Today, Asia and other emerging markets are more powerful than before, the need to balance to reflect current reality. ” As the world's second largest air cargo market. China is located in Asia, degree of dependence on international trade is very high. In recent years, China has realized with the United States, Australia, asean and other countries and regions of freight traffic rights and opening up, and constantly expand with South Korea, Japan and other important markets open freight traffic rights.
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