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The international railway transport waybill is dealt with

by:CNS     2020-05-13
International railway transport waybill ( 国际铁路运单) , is concluded between shippers and rail transport contract, which established a rail and hair, the consignee of the goods in transit rights, obligations and responsibilities of railway, and sending, the consignee has legal effect. The waybill from the same origin with the goods attached to the terminal to the consignee, it is not only a certificate issued by the railway transport cargo of railway with the owner handover the goods, acceptance check the freight and the basis of a deal with claims and claims. International railway transport waybill copy, sealed by the carrier on the railway date stamp the coma back to shipper, with which it is the seller to the bank settlement payment for goods to the main documents & ndash; 。 Usually use association international cargo waybill is a type of immovable: first is the original waybill to consignee; Part 2 is running orders to reach the railway; Source: WWW. 不符。 Com the first triple is waybill copy to shipper; The fourth group is the goods delivery form to reach the road station; Is the immovable goods arrival notice to the consignee.
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