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The must-see route information for freight forwarders (1) CNS Logistics

by:CNS     2021-04-04
The must-see route information for freight forwarders (1): 2018-08-24 09:58:00 Global route route introduction: 1. Pacific route (1) Far East-North American West Coast route. This route includes China, North Korea, Japan, the Soviet Union and the Far East. The trade transportation line from the seaport to Canada, the United States, Mexico and other ports on the west coast of North America. Starting from the ports in the coastal areas of our country, the southerly exits the East China Sea via the Osumi Strait; the northerly passes through the Sea of u200bu200bJapan via the Tsushima Strait, or enters the Pacific via the Kiyotsu Strait, or enters through the Sea of u200bu200bOkhotsk via the Soya Strait. North Pacific Ocean. (2) Far East-Caribbean, North American East Coast Route This route often passes through the Hawaiian Islands from north to south to the Panama Canal. Most of the ships departing from coastal ports in northern my country exit the East China Sea via the Osumi Strait or via Ryukyu Anmi Oshima. (3) The Far East-South American West Coast route ships from various ports along the northern coast of my country via Ryukyu Umami Oshima. The Sulfur Islands, Wake Island, and the Line Islands to the south of the Hawaiian Islands cross the equator into the South Pacific to ports on the west coast of South America. (4) Far East-Southeast Asia route This route is the main route for cargo ships from China, North Korea and Japan to ports in Southeast Asia, and to ports along the Indian Atlantic via the Strait of Malacca. The East China Sea, the Taiwan Strait, the Bashi Channel, and the South China Sea are the only routes for ships on this route, and the routes are busy. (5) The Far East-Australia, New Zealand route is divided into two routes from the Far East to the southeastern coast of Australia. There are several coastal ports in northern China. Ships arriving on the east coast of Australia and New Zealand ports in Japan need to go to Kume Island in Ryukyu and Yap Island in the Caroline Islands to enter the Solomon Sea and Coral Lake; container ships between China and Australia need to be loaded in Hong Kong Or through the South China Sea, the Sulawesi Sea, the Banda Sea, the Arafura Sea, and then enter the Coral Sea via the Torres Strait. Residents of China and Japan on the route to the west coast of Australia to the Philippines entered the Indian Ocean through the Doro Strait, Makassar Strait and Lombok Strait. (6) Australia, New Zealand-North American east-west coast routes from Australia and New Zealand to the North American coast often arrive via Suva, Honolulu and other important terminals in the Pacific. To the east coast of North America, take Papeete in the Society Islands and cross the Panama Canal.
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