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The price of air freight and for the benefits of people is out of step into

by:CNS     2020-07-28
The benefits of air freight price and for the people is out of step into Shanghai air freight company according to the chargeable weight charge, this is according to weight and size. This is because the light overall weight of the large projects to occupy more space than a small plane, heavy items. Shanghai air freight company charge each container shipping rate standard containers. Costs are usually based on the size of the goods ( Even if the weight can be in the price) 。 The international air transport is the cost of the goods is in need of a dedicated full container ( FCL) Or with other goods can be combined ( LCL) 。 In the latter case, your price is often by its volume in cubic meters. Larger and heavier wares. Shipment gets smaller, the gap between the smaller price, sometimes the air will be even cheaper. When it comes to speed, air freight, there is no doubt that the fastest mode of transportation of your product in a long distance. For many companies, shipping is a matter of time, not money. If an emergency goods, choose air express, when comparing the two, air tends to be international shipping more reliable choice. Air can be postponed due to bad weather or other factors, but airlines very cautious timetable and often in them. Because most air flights running back and forth between the major cities all over the world daily, missed flights will not cause delay of shipment.
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