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The standard of China international freight forwarders

by:CNS     2020-05-07
1. Defined in the conditions of this transaction, unless expressly referred to, the following words and phrases shall have the following meanings: refers to a freight forwarding company, China international freight forwarders association, member of freight forwarding services abide by these terms. Customer refers to sign a contract with the company, to accept the service provided by the company, according to the contract rights and obligations as a legal person or natural person, has a stake in or in connection with the contract, the legal person or natural person, including but not limited to goods of all the people, the shipper, shipper, consignee or its agent. Instruction refers to the written statements of account customer clear requirements, including written instructions to the shipper and/or shipping documents ( Including bill of lading) To clarify the requirements of in home page. The shipper refers to according to the conditions of this transaction in any business, cargo ( Including any container or other equipment, except that the company or the carrier to provide) All of the people, and the present or the future to anyone about goods shall enjoy the rights and interests, including the shipper and/or shipping documents ( Including bill of lading) Column names in the pages of the consignee. Goods includes live animals and provided by the shipper for consolidating the goods container, pallet or similar article of transport. Dangerous goods refers to the international convention or domestic law identified as hazardous cargo, and those who may become a dangerous, inflammable, radioactive, poisonous or damaging of the goods. 2. 2 application scope. 1 the company to undertake all the business, all can according to the conditions of this transaction. This deal will become a company with the customer trading agreement shall form an integral part of. A written agreement by both parties, can be change or give up to our standard terms of the deal. When both sides agreement or the company that issued by the company as the carrier of all kinds of shipping documents, including but not limited to air waybill, the contents of the sea waybill or multimodal transport bill of lading and other documents have a conflict with the provisions of this deal, the agreement or the provisions of the documents shall prevail. 2. 2 the company provided free of charge to the company all the advice, information or services, all does not undertake any responsibility. 2. 3 companies not to exercise or delay in the exercise of the rights of the company, are not considered as a waiver related rights, and the single or partial exercise of any right, does not rule out further or exercise the rights in other ways, or to exercise any other rights enjoyed by the company. The company rights prescribed in the conditions of this transaction, does not rule out other rights shall have the right of the company. 2. 4 the provisions of the conditions of this transaction is divisible. Any one or more of the trading terms is invalid, illegal or unenforceable, shall not affect the validity of other provisions of this deal, legitimacy and can be enforced. 3. 3 customer and contract status. 1 to conclude any transactions or business clients, hereby assure company clear: as the owner or owner's agent, is to accept or on behalf of the owner is to accept the terms. When the customer is the shipper's agent, the customer and the owner jointly and severally liable to the company, the company shall have the right to the shipper or exercise the rights to the company, respectively, together with the customers. 3. 2 services are provided by the company in the identity of the agent, but except for the following situation, the company for the parties: ( 1) Company itself or its employees to actual cargo transport, handling and storage, and the goods under the company's actual control or control; ( 2) In front of the carriage of goods, the owner's written request the company to provide the whole or part of the carrier transport task related information ( Name, rate, etc. ) , the company within 28 days after receiving the written request does not provide; ( 3) Company made it clear that agreed to in writing as the parties; ( 4) The court or the arbitration tribunal ruled that the company for the party. 3. 3 in the situations mentioned in the preceding paragraph shall not affect the: ( 1) The company in accordance with the fixed rate of any nature service fees, by itself does not decide or certificate company is the agent or the parties; ( 2) Companies with their own or leased equipment, its itself is not decided or prove that the company is in the process of transportation, handling or storage of goods the parties or agents; ( 3) Such as company's bill of lading or other documents to prove the contract of carriage by a person other than the company is concluded with the owner or customers, the company for the agent; ( 4) Companies to provide customs declaration, tax, license, consular document, certificate of origin, inspection, notary or other similar services, the company is not a party to agents.
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