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Through the air transport company can create much interest to the nation

by:CNS     2020-07-10
Through the air transport company how much benefit for countries to create air transport companies strong cyclical, affected by economic fluctuations and emergencies. Industry volatility, but even the civil airport industry as infrastructure in the air transport industry chain, the cyclical fluctuations is relatively flat, income and long-term growth and stability. Civil airport industry at the same time as the infrastructure industry in national economy, has brought to the attention of the state and society, funds, policy support and development priorities. Air cargo entry with the relevant documents also random arrival, Shanghai aviation transport and goods under customs supervision. After unload goods, the goods stored in warehouses, airline or airport regulation for import cargo manifest entry, will manifest in the awb, the consignee, departure point, destination, number, weight, commodity name, flight number to retain the information such as computers, for customs clearance. At the same time, according to the consignee and address on the waybill to send you a single, delivery notice. If the consignee on the waybill or notice for some air freight proxy company, the shipping documents and goods related to the air freight agent company. Air freight agent needs to delegate as carrier's agent, be responsible for export goods delivery, documents making, customs declaration and shipping work. The client should fill in international goods consignment note, well will related customs clearance documents to air freight, air freight agent after check from the airline, air waybill issued by airline, namely for the carrier to begin. Airlines need to be responsible for the goods in transit in good condition.
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