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To deal with air consignment general operating process

by:CNS     2020-05-26
1, check it. Foreign trade companies and industrial enterprises in the prepare the goods, received the approval of the l/c ( Or modifications) Right, you can check it, that is, according to the l/c and shipment terms concerned in the contract, and goods name, number, date of shipment and destination to fill in the consignment note and provide relevant documents, to the outside of the company as the basis of a book the flight. 2, arrange cargo space. Sinotrans company after receipt of the consignment note and the relevant documents, in conjunction with the CAAC, according to the principle, the nature of the goods, freight loading quantity, destination, etc. , combined with the flight, arrange the shipping space, and then the air waybill issued by China civil aviation. 3, loading, and installed. Sinotrans company according to the flight, on behalf of the foreign trade companies or industry and trade enterprises to the warehouse the goods sent to the airport, to deliver the goods against shipping documents specify the shipping space for shipment. 4, issue a waybill. Finished goods installed, issued by the China civil aviation air waybill, sinotrans company issued the air waybill, air waybill have in three originals, 12 copies. In three originals, first to the shipper, the second for outbound company, third along with the cargo to the consignee. Twelve copies as customs declaration, financial settlement, foreign agent, transit, distribution and other purposes. 5, shipment notice. The goods after installed, you can give notice of shipment to the buyer, so that the other party to prepare payment, payment, to deal with the goods.
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