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Today's air transportation industry should break the existing system and the world

by:CNS     2020-07-31
Whether today's air transportation industry to break the existing system and the world in Shanghai air company belongs to the third industry, is a service industry. It to provide & other; Spatial displacement & throughout; The amount of reflect the number of service, and service means and service attitude reflects the quality of service. This attribute determines the carrier must constantly expanding capacity to meet growing demand in society, follow & other; Passengers first & ndash; Throughout, the user supreme &; The principle, for the product user to provide a safe, convenient, comfortable, high-quality service. Shanghai airlines cargo is investing in new freight machine, large capacity, to increase the remote market freight capacity. Freight market is taking is different from the passenger service market, use can meet the special needs of technical means to separate management. Can be expected to use special cargo complete freight share, lower relative to use aircraft cargo or passenger and cargo dual-use plane freight share, in the next 20 years will be greatly increased. Air transport of goods by the carrier of the goods, the shipper to pay the shipper, the shipper is responsible for the shipment content, until the carrier will the goods receiving party. Carrier has become the most important form of transport in modern society, to become an international political and economic cooperation of the bond. It includes both the international friendship and cooperation, it contains the international competition, the service, freight, technical coordination, management and implementation of the formulation of laws and regulations, to the restriction of the international standard and the international air transport market.
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