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Valuables, strong smell of goods, living and other special goods by air

by:CNS     2020-04-08
Special goods are those due to the nature of the goods itself ( Dangerous articles, fresh perishable goods, have a strong smell of goods) , the value ( Valuable goods) , volume ( Large cargo) Or weight ( Overweight goods) Wait for a reason, in the floorboard of the special restrictions of carriage of the goods. Its contents include: large overweight goods, escort goods and precious goods, fresh perishable items, live animals and vehicles; Public goods, coffin ashes, biological products, mold and toxic species, plants and plant products, dangerous goods, guns, ammunition, express the transportation of goods, diplomatic pouch, AOG. 1, personal items ( Unaccompanied baggage) Unaccompanied baggage and other goods is an important difference is that luggage of the shipper and the consignee is usually the same person. While the other air cargo to the shipper and the consignee is different. International flights luggage items, compared with the other cargo international flights, declare to the customs, customs or are simple. 2, valuables precious goods generally refers to those single volume in 0. 1m? The following, in more than 8000 yuan worth of goods. Precious Cargo by air, it must be in the air waybill of the Goods described 'Nature and Quantity of Goods' column indicate 'Valuable Cargo'. Precious cargo also has special requirements for packaging, valuable goods should use hard wood or iron box packaging, stronger in good condition, can't use paper packaging, because paper packaging easily stolen, does not meet the safety requirements. In order to ensure safety, precious cargo transportation than general cargo transportation, do more additional additional work, so precious cargo freight is higher than general cargo. 3, strong smell goods sulfide, sesame oil, garlic concentrate, some tropical fruit, etc. , has a strong smell. This kind of goods is lax, breakage of the package once leak out such as the smell of, could spread to other goods, the odour may be difficult to remove, serious still can cause the consequences of planes within a few days can't normal flight and loss was amazing. Until the strong smell is removed, the plane flew to normal. A strong smell of the goods, therefore, must be the packing is very good, the outer packing must not have any leakage. 4, live animals live animal transport, refers to the live poultry, wild animals, experiment with animals, amphibians, fish, insects, and other transport of live animals. Animals, transportation is the key to guarantee in all phases of transportation, animals are in a good environment, guarantee the animals in a good condition to arrive at the destination. Air live animals were divided into 5 categories ( Classes) : amphibians, birds, shellfish, mammals and reptiles. 5, fresh perishable goods fresh perishable goods, is refers to under the condition of transportation, easy to death or deterioration of the goods. For example: aquatic products, seafood, vegetables, fruits, flowers, meat, and other perishable food, etc. Fresh perishable goods generally require special measures were taken during transportation and storage, such as refrigeration, freezing, moisture, heat preservation, shade, etc. , in order to ensure that fresh goods, not bad. Fresh Perishable Goods by air, it must be in the air waybill of 'Nature and Quantity of Goods' column indicate the word 'Perishable'. Fresh Perishable goods on each package, should also be labeled as 'fresh Perishable Perishable' and 'up This side up' label. 6, wet wet goods refers to the goods that contain liquid ( Dangerous goods except) , or because of its nature can produce liquid goods. For example, in the sealed container holding the liquid; The sealed container holding damp goods, such as fish with ice packing or aquatic shellfish; Can produce liquid cargo, such as living animals. Because moist liquid will contaminate the plane or other goods, so the transportation damp goods must comply with the special provisions of damp goods, such as the packing must be leak proof. Many damp goods and fresh perishable goods, the damp goods should conform to the requirements of fresh perishable goods transportation at the same time. 7, extreme overweight goods according to the different flight models, oversize or overweight goods different criteria. Large air cargo means must be put into two or more air cargo on board, or is due to the volume or weight of goods, must be special handling equipment to loading and unloading of goods. Air overweight goods generally refers to single piece of more than 150 kg of goods. Each package in the maximum limit depends on the plane is responsible for the carrier aircraft and airport facilities. On the flight transport special goods need shipping notice of relevant departments to fill in the pilot, emergencies in flight, if there are dangerous goods on board, the pilot can be through the pilot notice will quote ground department, information about the dangerous goods for disposal scheme.
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